1959-1975 Cadillac Opti-Kleen Windshield Washer Solvent Bottle "New"

1959-1975 Cadillac Opti-Kleen Windshield Washer Solvent Bottle "New"
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Product Description

Our "New" reproduction of the Cadillac exclusive accessory Opti-Kleen windshield washer solvent bottle is correct in every detail.

Comes complete with mounting bracket and cap.

Fits all models of 1959 Cadillac...1960 Cadillac...1961 Cadillac...1962 Cadillac...1963 Cadillac...1964 Cadillac...1965 Cadillac...1966 Cadillac...1967 Cadillac...1968 Cadillac...1969 Cadillac...1970 Cadillac...1971 Cadillac...1972 Cadillac...1973 Cadillac...1974 Cadillac and 1975 Cadillac.

Originally the Opti-Kleen windshield washer solvent was developed to clean windshields of insects, dirt, and road grime accumulation, leaving glass crystal clear after every swipe of the wiper blade.

Sold without fluid. Bottle and bracket only for sale!

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